A Lamborghini Auto for Just Under $30,000 Now on eBay

Amphibias Lambo

Believe it or not, there is currently an amphibious looking Lamborghini auto for just under $30,000 for sale on eBay. The auto being referred to was built by Mike Ryan of SeaRoader, an authority designing firm in the UK that offers converter kits to change over regular autos into land and/or water capable vehicles. SeaRoader are also known for their amazing custom jobs for film and TV (including a trio of cars for Top Gear), and the Z1A Lamborghini Countach was apparently one of these.

“For your eyes only – a 150mph amphibious car 007 would kill for”…..” But then drive it straight into the water…engage the props… switch on the suspension hydraulics…the hydrofoil…switch on the smoke ejector for effect…then power off… it just defies all belief…Truly awesome…..””

The auto needs a touch of work before it can be utilized again and it may not be as cool as James Bond’s submarine auto, but it’s definitely very cool! In the event that you weren’t sold on the Z1A, here’s what tops off an already good thing: “An adventure series on this crime busting Super Car has been partially written for kids and the Police in Gloucestershire were right behind it!”

Now who wouldn’t want this amazing amphibious looking Lamborghini for just under $30,000? You can go check it out on eBay right now for yourself. Hopefully by the time you read this article, it will still be available on eBay. If you’re the lucky one that ends up buying this amazing auto, be sure you have it shipped with a reputable auto shipping company like Thrifty Auto Shipping, Inc. because you don’t want just any old company handling your precious new asset. You can contact a representative today at 844.741.1221 or just email your inquiries to [email protected]. You won’t be disappointed in their services!

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