Google Announces Their Driverless Car

Photo of small electric car

Remember when Google had those high tech vans that went around and took pictures and videos of all the different locations around the world and created Google Earth and Google Maps? Well, Google is at it again! Google has taken another step forward in the automotive industry and has taken another step forward into the future where car transport will become safer and there will practically be no more car accidents. Could you imagine? We’re talking about a new self-driving vehicle prototype where there is no steering wheel or pedals and the car is 100% autonomous. Google just announced that they are ready to test a fully functioning prototype of the self-driving car which they plan to test on the San Francisco Bay area roads. These driverless cars will be available to the general public between the years of 2017 and 2020 which is right around the corner! The fact of the matter is that Google is not really planning to become a car manufacturer but they are very interested in marketing the system and the data to make this happen and work hand-in-hand with an automobile manufacturer.

Since we are in the business of  car shipping, one of our main concerns about this new self-driving technology is that we question if this will put auto transport companies out of business because we wonder if this technology will enable a car to do everything that we have been doing for all these years? It is rumored that this new technology will allow people to simply program these cars and send them to their destination totally unmanned. It is true that this would be a wonderful innovation but is still a few years down the road. So that means if you do need to ship your car from one place to another now before this technology totally takes over; you can still contact Thrifty Auto Shipping, Inc. to get it done the old-fashioned way.

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