Auto Transport from my Point of View

I’m so nervous because I just found out today that my owner Joe wants to move his entire family and all of his worldly possessions from here in Texas all the way up to Rhode Island. Wow, that’s a long way from here! I sure hope he picks the right auto transport company to ship me because I definitely want to get there safely in my current pristine condition. I’ve heard horror stories from other cars about getting scratched up and other various injuries during these long cross-country moves!

Hopefully my owner Joe will pick a company like Thrifty Auto Shipping because I’ve read great reviews about this particular company. People say good things about this company because they always ensure that cars like me get the best possible treatment no matter how far we have to travel.  I may even get to ride in an enclosed shipping truck rather than an open shipping truck to avoid all the nasty weather. I sure hope so because I heard it only costs a little bit more than having a standard open carrier. I’m sure Joe will probably go for it to keep me safe and satisfied.

Well, I hope the rest of you cars out there get as good as treatment as I get from Joe. He knows that I’m one of his most viable possessions and he always makes sure that I’m taken care of. Well, it looks like I should start getting ready for the big road trip. I will see y’all, I mean you guys later!

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