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Although the Triumph brand was left for dead over a quarter of a century ago, it’s making a huge comeback today mainly due to people’s never ending need for nostalgia coming from the swinging sixties era in Britain.  It’s such a huge comeback that Triumph sold over 54,000 motorbikes just last year which is very close to what they sold back during their peak back in the 1960s.

“Biking per se is cool,” said Paul Stroud, Triumph’s sales and marketing director. “It has been since Marlon Brando and The Wild One. The Triumph brand’s heritage makes it attractive.”

“The retro chic of the 60s has never been away,” suggested Ellis Cashmore, visiting professor of sociology at Aston University and author of the book Celebrity Culture. “There’s always been this deference to the 60s – the decade of release, when everything changed. It was the first decade when the young asserted themselves. It is by far the most iconic decade.”

Back in the sixties, Bob Dylan was one of those icons that truly loved his Triumph motorcycle and today David Beckham has been photographed numerous times on his customized Triumph Bonneville. The bike has even recently appeared in hit films such as “Luther and Hannibal”, “The Night Manager” and “London Has Fallen”.  In other words, the Triumph is making a triumphant comeback!

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