How the Auto Shipping Industry is Changing Fast

According to a recent analysis from Morgan Stanley, the auto shipping and the automotive industry will soon be totally unrecognizable. Google is already experimenting with robotic cars, Apple is seriously thinking about getting into the electric car market and Tesla motors is selling only electric cars.. Two technological trends in the automotive transportation arena are autonomous driving and sharing autonomy.

What does all this mean? Essentially, it means that we will have a world of competing robotic taxi services available to us. We will slowly transition from individual vehicle ownership and cars will become a shared asset as we transition from human to robotic driving.

Why is this happening? Along with all the new technology that is rapidly becoming available, most car owners use their cars only about one hour a day and the cars sit in a parking lot or garage the rest of the day. It seems that our cars are one of the most underutilized assets. Many people are starting to use services such as Uber and slowly relinquishing ownership and control of their own car.

Another aspect to this change is that people will give up human control of their automobile to a computer driven automobile. The last piece of this puzzle will be the shared autonomy which will involve building fleets of completely autonomous vehicles that will operate 24 hours a day which will be available through your smart phone. Transportation costs will fall as low as $.25 a mile and the best part is that garages and parking lots will not be necessary and those areas can be used for something better!

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